Young Life Camper Presumed Drowned at Malibu Young Life Camp

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Young Life
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A 19 year old student attending Young Life’s Malibu summer property is presumed drowned after going missing in the water.

You can read a news account here and a statement from Young Life concerning the tragedy here.

Our thoughts go out to all involved.

  1. mechanicdude says:

    Wow CA. Thats three dead campers in less than a year at Young Life Camps. I have been to the rivers in that area of Canada and can say that they are dangerous bodies of water with long histories of taking lives. -MD

  2. mechanicdude says:

    CA- The reports I am reading say the kid was 16 yrs old. The parents are saying the camp is unsafe and are asking the Canadian government to shut it down. -MD

    • Yeah…I read a follow up report that said the camper fell off a cliff while playing volleyball next to the cliff. My initial reaction was “who puts a volleyball court next to a cliff?”

      I’ve never been to Malibu so I know nothing about the outlay of the camp. I do know that it’s remote accessible only by boat.

      • Kelsey says:

        Float planes also pick up and deliver to the camp. The inlet is thirty miles long and takes 3.0 hours to navigate the fjord via the camp boat, that is the craft that delivers the new group and pick up the old group of campers. I have been there twice for two week intervals as a handyman, the place is well maintained and all activites are well supervised, i cant imagine where this volleyball court could possibly be located near a cliff. Nothing in the camp is more than 5 feet above the inlet at anyplace anyone would care to go. Find out the facts before you make dispariging comments. I would like to go back but at 80 I am a bit long in the tooth.

      • Mechanicdude says:

        Kelsey- You seem to be trying to say that the YL camp you once worked at is so safe and so well supervised and maintained that it is not possible for a childs safety to be neglected! I am sure YL appreciates that. But suppose you are wrong? What if children are not safe at YL camps? What if Young Life INC has been infiltrated with catholics and child molesters? Would you change your opinion then? Stay Tuned. -MD

  3. mechanicdude says:

    CA- Who puts a volley ball court next to a cliff? Who makes the trap door of their summer camp theater swing down like a hangmans floor? Who puts three jet lagged teens at a time on the “death swing” with only one employee supervising? Young Life You Were Made For This, thats who. -MD

  4. UK says:

    I’ve been there. The camp is very safe including the volleyball sand pit. I’m not sure how he could’ve fallen into the water without the intent to get near the water.

  5. OR says:

    The volleyball net has a net around it, if you’re playing volleyball there is no way you can get in the water unless the net were to break… If you hit the ball over the court like a lot of kids choose to do, you have to climb a rock and go down near the water if it didn’t go into the water… There are signs posted NOT to do this… However, in my time there nobody enforced that rule.. Hopefully they do now.

  6. mechanicdude says:

    The consequence for breaking the rules at summer camp should not be death! Young Life simply did not care enough about safety to prevent the accident. -MD

  7. Young says:

    I am a parent who knew nothing about Young life. My daughter was recruited, I knew nothing about it, she kept it from me. I did not have a good feeling when I found out, however, I respected her wishes to go meet at some random strangers house with out my consent and never a word from anyone in YL asked my permission for my16 year old to attend (odd).

    I was informed last minute my daughter wanted to attend a YL camp sounded so fantastic and the pictures show an amazing setting with tons of teens all playing and having “the best time EVER” I remember my camps and they were nothing compared to YL just seemed too good to be true. Remote setting, huge pool like a resort, lodges and cabins, and the activities were so outrageous Pictures show some very risky activities myself would be frightened to do, let alone 12 to 16 year old. wow my daughter would have a great time and should go, not only that, YL was paying for ever teens plane ticket!!! just too good to be true never heard of such expensive accommodations and YL had the money to front the plane tickets. I had a nagging gut feeling while filling out the camp forms, I came across a waiver – in case of death I sign away all my rights and YL is not responsible for any deaths on that occur on their property. red flag. What could possibly happen to your kids at camp? What dangerous activities will they do to risk their lives? I called the director and inquired about that I was informed they allow risks? I asked why and what kind of risks? its team building experience to get closer to their leaders and with God. I was blown away at this. I couldn’t believe the audacity. I questioned some more and insisted they are allowed to take those risks to get closer to god and their leaders. What? Am I hearing what I am hearing? A stranger wants to take my kid to camp, and scare the shit out of her to basically manipulate her. RED FLAG, This is not logical thinking, its rather sick and I can’t justify in my head my daughter jumping from a pole 100 ft for a leap of faith for team building to get close to some director I don’t even know and a god we don’t see. I asked her if there have ever been any deaths. he only injury is a broken finger. I decided to Google YL deaths. Sure enough there it was not one but three (so far). I had a feeling something was off with this camp. Its remote, they are all young impressionable teens. No cell phones allowed and no contact with your parents for the week. The list of shit just compiles and the more I dig the more I find. I was told that YL does a back ground check and all their leaders and directors pass. I find a dozen sexual abuse cases by YL leaders and directors. This is all making sense now. Free Pane tickets. extravagant accommodations in a remote location anything can happen to your YL teen you signed your child away to a murderous cult who live to sacrifice someone and that someone is most likely the black sheep of the camp who is a bit rebellious and won’t obey. They set it up to look like an accident when in reality they are murdering your child covering it up. Why so many deaths? There should never be any deaths and one death is one too many, RED Flag. YL makes a statement how sorry they are and how they are praying for the families and friends they are in shock at this but it brought everyone closer and to god. Sure enough there you have it. YOUR TEEN GOT CLOSER TO GOD. Your teen sacrificed him/herself for YL camp to bring attention to YL being such the Christians they are. YL gets away with it over and over and over again. They get excused because they claim to be Christians and pray to god. They are off the hook from being murderers of your teen child. from being shut down, from a real investigation to shut them down. They are brain washing you, your children and the media. They prey on a certain age group and look. They bring your children to remote locations so there is no where for them to escape other than death by negligence? They are being brain washed, raped, and murdered. The only way off of Malibu is by boat, plane or death. Its like bringing your kids to a ramped up ALCATRAZ. Beware all you campers and save yourselves to your parents not some camp director and remote camp with a bunch of play toys. Three camp deaths and counting. When is this going to be enough? When are parents going to smarten up to this exravangant risky crime being played out with your children?

    • Spiritual Abuse says:

      Kudos to you as a parent. My former partner was involved in YL as a camper then volunteer then leader in his early & mid 20s with mission work overseas. Everything I’ve read about YL is deceitful & predatory grooming —even things they post on their own site & their leader sites. Astounding. They even have for leaders to know their rights of being on school property. Based on what I’ve read and the experience of people I’ve met they prey on the popular kids to lure the unpopular kids. Then they talk about kids feeling lost, and how jesus fulfills that. They call it “contact work” and on their website say “but kids call it friendship”. I was shocked there were no consent forms as well especially since their name does not transparently affiliate them with a creed or any religious activity.

      They tend to get kids thinking that their leaders are more loving than family & longer friendships – lovebombing, triangulation, gaslighting, bait & switch are all methodologies I can see being used as manipulative tactics. Kids will often start to come home and evangelize / prostelatize their parents & family. A lot of the evangelical methodology / theology will lead them to NeoCalvinist “non denomenational” complementarian church communities that have membership covenants & dicipline doctrines. These folks all think they need Bible degrees and are “called by god” “heard god speak to them” that ministry is their calling. They all tend to get married very young too.

      Please help teach your daughter the skills to research these type of tactics. Going off to college she will encounter many of these types of groups — like CRU -Campus Crusades that will pick up where YL left off.

      Congrats in recognizing this- you may want to warn other parents about this.

      Btw do you have any additional links you’ve found about sexual abuse / abuse stories on YL?

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