Young Life Camper Presumed Drowned at Malibu Young Life Camp

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Young Life
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A 19 year old student attending Young Life’s Malibu summer property is presumed drowned after going missing in the water.

You can read a news account here and a statement from Young Life concerning the tragedy here.

Our thoughts go out to all involved.

  1. mechanicdude says:

    Wow CA. Thats three dead campers in less than a year at Young Life Camps. I have been to the rivers in that area of Canada and can say that they are dangerous bodies of water with long histories of taking lives. -MD

  2. mechanicdude says:

    CA- The reports I am reading say the kid was 16 yrs old. The parents are saying the camp is unsafe and are asking the Canadian government to shut it down. -MD

    • Yeah…I read a follow up report that said the camper fell off a cliff while playing volleyball next to the cliff. My initial reaction was “who puts a volleyball court next to a cliff?”

      I’ve never been to Malibu so I know nothing about the outlay of the camp. I do know that it’s remote accessible only by boat.

  3. mechanicdude says:

    CA- Who puts a volley ball court next to a cliff? Who makes the trap door of their summer camp theater swing down like a hangmans floor? Who puts three jet lagged teens at a time on the “death swing” with only one employee supervising? Young Life You Were Made For This, thats who. -MD

  4. UK says:

    I’ve been there. The camp is very safe including the volleyball sand pit. I’m not sure how he could’ve fallen into the water without the intent to get near the water.

    • mechanicdude says:

      UK- The victims family has made a personal inspection of the camp and have asked the Canadian government to shut it down for lack of guards and safety equipment. -MD

  5. OR says:

    The volleyball net has a net around it, if you’re playing volleyball there is no way you can get in the water unless the net were to break… If you hit the ball over the court like a lot of kids choose to do, you have to climb a rock and go down near the water if it didn’t go into the water… There are signs posted NOT to do this… However, in my time there nobody enforced that rule.. Hopefully they do now.

  6. mechanicdude says:

    The consequence for breaking the rules at summer camp should not be death! Young Life simply did not care enough about safety to prevent the accident. -MD

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