Teen Falls to Their Death at Young Life Camp

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Young Life
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Very sad news tonight.

According news reports, a Florida teen has fallen to their death at Young Life’s Carolina Point camp in South Carolina.  The teen fell over 100 feet from a pendulum swing known as the “Freebird” event.

You can read news reports here, here, and here.

Young Life has released this statement:

We are saddened to report that we’ve had a tragic accident here at Carolina Point. On Monday afternoon, July 13, a camper became detached from and fell off a swing. Camp staff called emergency medical assistance and immediately began administering CPR. To our great sorrow, this young woman has passed away. All of us at Carolina Point and across Young Life grieve with this young woman’s family and friends. We do not yet know how this occurred. At the moment our focus is on those grieving over this tragic accident. This is a very sad day for all of us. The safety of campers and guests is our highest priority at Young Life Camps. As an extra measure of caution, all swings are closed across all Young Life Camps as we determine the cause of this accident.​

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this tragic accident.

  1. mechanicdude says:

    Ca- I just read that another teen camper died at the Crooked Creak Young Life Camp on Aug 11 2015. Can you verify -MD

  2. Wow….I do see some local coverage of it in the Denver area. So sad….I’ll check into it a little more later today.

  3. BelieveNoMore says:

    It looks like the teenager fell from the catwalk above the stage. Here is the article: http://www.skyhidailynews.com/news/17658663-113/15-year-old-dies-in-fall-at-crooked-creek-ranch

  4. Mike Latoris says:

    What did you go through to hate YL so much? I am genuinely curious

  5. mechanicdude says:

    AP- May 4 2016: The Grimes family says the teen was never properly secured into the “ultrahazardous and abnormally dangerous swing, which at the time was being operated by only one YL employee instead of two.” -MD

    • Interesting and sad update. I’ve hesitated commenting on this story out of respect for the family and a loss that is no fault of their own.

      I will say that as a leader, my group of campaigners were assigned the ropes swing at a camp and I had an 18 year old kid, with no previous training, assigned to strap kids in and send them off the deck to a major drop and swing.

      Looking back now, it’s a wonder no one was hurt. But it was typical back then to throw someone who was willing to just about any task, whether they were properly trained or not.

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