Young Life Pushed My Son to Suicide: An Update

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Young Life
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About one year ago, Mechanic Dude stopped by and began to share his story.  A story that ends in tragedy…suicide.  You can read MD’s account of it here. But  beyond the tragedy of his son’s death, was the frustration he felt towards Young Life and the role he feels it played in his son’s decision to take his own life.  The reactions here on the Christian Agnostic and Young Life Watch have been mixed. Some Young Life folks have expressed sympathy, others have expressed a mix of sympathy towards MD but do not understand how he can blame Young Life.  But beyond that, a few have come in guns blazing and accused MD of making up the whole story, in an orchestrated effort to “take down” Young Life. The comment that pushed me to actually confirm MD’s story was this comment:

I have been around Young Life for more…

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  1. Amy says:

    This story breaks my heart. I was in YL in highschool and decided to quit my senior year because they would not allow a gay man on the trip to camp. I witnessed a lot of favoritism, homophobia and emotional abuse (and was a victim). When I left the group I lost all of my friends and was bullied due to this. It made me ill and I was depressed. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. mechanicdude says:

    Amy- High school can be hard enough without all that evangelical religious drama. Thanks for being you, take care -MD

  3. Mechanicdude says:

    GCB- I know of a suicide 20yrs ago that is blamed on YL. Plus there are all the uncounted suicides! Young Life INC. is involved in every kind of risky activity with kids as well as military training of young recruits. -MD

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