Major Young Life Donor Arrested in Prostitution Sting

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Hedge Fund Manager, James A. Bisenius was arrested and charged for allegedly attempting to solicit a prostitute.   He is the founder of Oregon’s largest Hedge Fund and is also a prominent financial supporter of Young Life and it’s Washington Family Ranch in Oregon State.

An older online article, about Young Life in Seward, AK describes Bisenius as a former Young Life leader from Oregon and details how a donation from his Master’s Plan Fund helped their Young Life have the finances to move forward.

You can read the full  reports about his arrest below…

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  1. mechanicdude says:

    The Master’s Plan to move forward. Wow.

    Definition of a Prominent Financial Supporter: Able to do what ever he wants inside the YL organization. The cult teaches that the rich are blessed by the Masters Plan. This guy cant even get laid…

    I fell sorry for all the good people involved in YL. History will show that their efforts although not completely wasted, were mostly used to power a machine they did not know and in some cases, did not want too know. Other religious organizations have already proved this. You seldom hear about the hundreds of good priests that silently left the catholic church horrified and tortured by the appalling betrayal of the Holy Bible.

    Blind Faith in any institution, any organization or any religion is being cheap in our own souls. The Bible teaches that life is all we need. We dont need any religious institutions too be good people! We dont need to worship ANY middle eastern martyrs! We can help the people around us by setting a good example of ourselves and by acts of kindness and compassion!

    Young Life Get Out Of Our Schools!

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